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MOVE-IN / MOVE OUT INSPECTION CHECKLIST Tenant Name Apartment Address Date Area / Item KITCHEN Floors / floor covering Walls ceiling Windows / locks / screens Window coverings Doors / knobs Light fixtures / bulbs Cabinets/cupboards/shelves Drawers / countertops Sinks / stoppers / faucets Drains / plumbing APPLIANCES Stove / Oven Outside Burners Drip pans Hood vent Timer / controls Broiler pan Lights Refrigerator Inside Dishwasher Garbage disposal Trash compactor Laundry equipment Other...
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How to fill out tenant move in checklist


How to fill out move in checklist template:

Start by gathering all the necessary information such as your personal details, contact information, and the address of the new property.
Proceed to list down all the items that need to be checked or inspected before moving into the new property. This includes checking for any damages, ensuring all utilities are working properly, and noting down any missing items.
Make sure to document the condition of each item or area by taking photographs or videos. This will serve as evidence in case of any disputes or claims.
Fill out the move-in checklist form by inputting all the relevant information along with the corresponding conditions of each item or area.
Double-check the completed checklist to ensure accuracy and completeness.
Lastly, sign and date the move-in checklist to acknowledge that you have thoroughly inspected the property and agree with the documented conditions.

Who needs move in checklist template:

Individuals who are moving into a new rental property.
Property managers or landlords who want to ensure a thorough inspection and documentation of the property's condition before a tenant moves in.
Real estate agents who need to provide a standardized checklist for their clients to complete when moving into a new property.

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What is property checklist?

A rental inspection checklist documents the condition of your rental unit, and keeps the status of each room organized. ... This document is also known as: Rental Walkthrough Checklist. Move-In/Move-Out Checklist. Condition of Rental Property Checklist.

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MOVE IN / MOVE OUT INSPECTION. (C.A.R. Form MIMO, Revised 11/07) Property Address.
A Florida landlord-tenant move-in checklist should be completed when a new tenant moves into a property so both landlord and tenant can look through the property and report any pre-existing damage in the space. At the time of move-out, the parties will walk through the property and see if there is any new damage.
Move-In and Move-Out procedures are some of the most neglected on the slate of things every landlord has to do. Not surprisingly though, that MIMO time – maybe better called MOMI time because it's the time BETWEEN tenants – is when you really have to stay on your toes.
In the context of the residential buy/sell transaction in California, the most common contracts to be used are those CAR () form contracts.
A Move-in/Move-out Checklist is a document that allows the landlord and the tenant to sign off on the condition of the unit at the start and end of the lease. At the start date, both parties should carefully examine every wall, appliance, and fixture to note any existing damage or needed repairs.
Form MIMO) is provided with the lease detailing the condition of the property, room- by-room. These options are best used after a previous tenant has already moved out, the property has been prepared for rental, and the new tenant will take possession shortly after the lease has been signed.

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A move in checklist template is a document that outlines the steps necessary to move into a new dwelling. It includes a list of items to be completed prior to the move, such as cleaning, changing locks, transferring utilities, and obtaining necessary supplies. The checklist typically includes detailed information on each task, such as the cost, estimated time frame, and any special instructions. The template can be customized to fit the individual needs of each move.
1. Start by filling out the tenant's information at the top of the form. This should include the tenant's name, move-in date, and contact information. 2. Check off all the items that are included in the rental unit and make notes of any notable features that require special attention or maintenance. 3. Take photos of each room and make notes of any damages or defects. 4. Make sure all switches, outlets, and other fixtures are in working order. 5. Test all appliances and make sure they are in good working condition. 6. Make sure all locks, gates, and other security measures are working properly. 7. Make sure all utilities are set up and functioning. 8. Make sure all safety features, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, are present and in working order. 9. Sign and date the form and provide any additional comments. 10. Have the tenant sign the form to confirm that the move in checklist was completed.
1. Date of Move-in 2. Description of Property 3. Tenant’s Name 4. Landlord/Owner’s Name 5. Initial Condition of Property 6. List of Any Damages or Issues 7. List of Furnishings and Appliances Provided 8. List of Appliances and Furnishings Not Working 9. Names of All Tenants in the Unit 10. Move-in and Move-out Dates 11. Rent Agreement and Pet Agreement 12. Security Deposit Agreement 13. Utilities Agreement 14. Parking Agreement 15. Rules and Regulations 16. Emergency Contact Information 17. Signature of All Parties Involved
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