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MOVE-IN / MOVE OUT INSPECTION CHECKLIST Tenant Name Apartment Address Date Area / Item KITCHEN Floors / floor covering Walls ceiling Windows / locks / screens Window coverings Doors / knobs Light fixtures / bulbs Cabinets/cupboards/shelves Drawers / countertops Sinks / stoppers / faucets Drains / plumbing APPLIANCES Stove / Oven Outside Burners Drip pans Hood vent Timer / controls Broiler pan Lights Refrigerator Inside Dishwasher Garbage disposal Trash compactor Laundry equipment Other...
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Yes you are finally moving out for the first time out of the parents house okay these are my tips for moving out for the very first time leaving your parents house you can see behind me of all of my stuff it goes on for a while I got that stuff that stuff a rug that stuff I got a lot of stuff um and I would love to make a video later about it when I make a video of all the things that are in these boxes and maybe also when I move an apartment video to finally you know see the whole finished product but right now this video is about tips and tricks and things that you need to know before you move out to make sure that you're going to be successful when you move out first thing know where the money is coming from okay you need to make sure you have all the money that you need for example say just to make it easy rents $500 a month I would definitely have first and last month's rent I would have um that's a thousand right there I would have the deposit which is probably not a month's rent maybe fifteen I mean I probably if I knew my rent was $500 a month I would save up maybe three or four thousand dollars I kid you not you want to have a whole bunch a month's rent stacked away just in case you know stuff goes bad make sure that you have a steady income of money or know where it's coming from for example you might have a job um or you might get loans you know or you might have someone helping you you have to be able to know where the money come it where money's coming from and make sure it's stable make sure that they're not going to leave you hanging um I know that you're going to be able to do it on if you don't feel like you can do it on your own then it's probably not a good time for you to move out the other thing is like I said save up a lot of money save up more than you think you you're going to need because you do not want to be left hanging you know you don't want to be so stressed out because you need month's rent and you don't want to be late on rent and so have enough money saved up I know there's going to be times when you regret moving out because of the money issue and there's going to be times that you love it because of the freedom thing so just make sure that you're prepared with enough money and know that you have a steady income and see before see this going on to the future and know that you'll be able to UM support yourself through work or through whatever the other thing my favorite part was getting the furniture and supplies for everything I don't have my furniture with me right now because I'm going to be picking it up before any u-haul before I go to my apartment but this is all the like supplies and stuff I have just to ramble some of it off it's like a printer so um pots and pans a vacuum all that one I think is my kitchen stuff so like cutlery boboibot make sure that you've collected all I mean for me that was a fun thing I've been collecting all this stuff for I kid you not like three plus four years you know for a...